Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 miles in 2014

On December 6th I ran my 2014th mile for the the midst of a 14-miler...funny how that worked out.  (As of today I'm up to 2115).

I started Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning 18-week program this week to get my Boston on.  I have been doing a nice slow build-up since the Ultra I ran in October and am feeling pretty good. Somehow I had a little time to set up my tree....and Sentry has posed for about a billion-and-a-half photos since that day.

Sentry also enjoys his post-run cuddles on the sofa.  92-pounds is kinda of a lot for a "lap dog."

The current Newton rotation.  I have always been a Gravity girl until I tried the Distance for racing.  Then I decided to try the new Fate for recovery.  I'm loving this rotation!!!!

Christmas is full of big concerts.  Here are all "my" kiddos at our performance at the Festival of Trees.

And a fun one of me with my favorite students, my sweet nephews. They are 6 and 10. 

So, that's the happy parts of the last month or so.  November was a month that rocked my soul to the core with sadness and darkness.  I lost some people close to me. Two of my students lost their brothers and my students are all extended families and so my entire studio was in a rough place (and still is).  I also lost one of my neighbors...a sweet woman who disappeared without a trace. I had to play my violin at the funeral of one of the kiddos, a 14 year old boy who accidentally took his own life.  By far, the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I felt as if I had an outer-body experience...while I played, I was calm and strong and played well...the moment I was done playing I completely fell apart emotionally.  Throughout the month, I ran to find solace in the Earth and my life.  I ran for comfort. I ran to cry it out.  And it helped.  I welcome 2015 with open arms. I am thankful for my Sentry who cuddled with me when all I could do was cry and who ran with me when all I could do was run. I am thankful for wonderful friends. I am thankful for the greatest parents I could have ever been blessed with. I am thankful for amazing siblings and all that they do for me.  I am overwhelmingly thankful for the greatest guy on Earth that chose me to spend his life with.

Do what you love.
Stop at never.
Hold on to those you love.

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