Monday, October 31, 2011

Last long run before taper....23 miles easy.
T: "That's messed up.  I can't train 23 and expect to race 26.2.  Let's run the whole thing."
R: "Ok."

So, we did.  We ran 26.2.  Where?  All over this town and back!

No crowds, no timing chips, no numbers, no entry fees, no finish tape, nothing.  Just me and my favorite guy ending in our driveway with a high five and a sweaty hug.  I couldn't have imagined it better!

Two days later I was in Denver and got to go to a REAL running store.  I stood in amazement at the wall of shoes.  I was overwhelmed by the hydration systems.  I gawked at the selection of gels and fuels.  Then, I stood waiting to check out and picked up a bumper sticker that read "26.2" and I cried a little.  I had already done it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


miles.  At once. It was a progression run so the last 20 minutes had to be "hard".  Well, right now sitting on the sofa I would say hard is qualified just by running the 18 miles.  The competitor in me, at mile 15.5 said go..."hard".  I did.  I ran 2.5 miles in 20 minutes at the end and it was definitely "hard".  My heart rate was holding at a steady 186 and I am 33 years old so that's pretty fired up.  Once I was finished and rested a few minutes.....I had the feeling that I could go 8 more.  I didn't; but I could have....and soon I will.