Thursday, July 19, 2012

Miles and more

May brought 179 miles and my second marathon.
June brought 185 miles.
July has 139 miles so far and a way to go yet.
August brings back the first Half Marathon I ran a year ago.  I'm going back to better my time and reflect on all that has happened in my first year and half of running.  I can tell you the weather on any day. I can compute mileage all over this town within a quarter-mile.  I can run 10 miles on empty (no breakfast...just up and out).  I can compute minutes per mile into projected marathon and half-marathon finish times.  I am aware of and know the names of way too many leg, butt and foot muscles  that I previously didn't know existed.  I love to run.

I had a birthday last week.  My sister is an insanely talented girl.  She makes amazing cakes, and is mother to 3 amazing little boys.  The list could go on forever.  Anyway, she made dessert for my family birthday party.  A cake.  With an insane cake topper that she made.....of my Newton Gravity shoe.  AMAZING!