Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not always as expected...

Headed out Saturday morning for a 10-miler...maybe a 12-miler...depending on how I felt.

Took off from home.  First mile felt like 9:30....Garmin says 8:45.  Hmmm....I feel good.

Head north on my usual long run route...all uphill.  Consistently under 8:45.  Some 8:30s. Some 8:20s. Gees.  Even on the steep hills.  I feel good.

 My quads have been sore since cross training on Tuesday.  But I feel good.

I ran 7 on Sunday, 8 on Monday, 12 on Wednesday.  Lifted weights on Thursday (which I haven't done in years).  But I feel good.

Mile 5 comes I turn around and make it a 10miler?  Nah. I feel good.

Mile 6 comes and goes, mile 7 also.  Do I turn at mile 8 and make it a 16-er?  I feel good.

Mile 9...guess I'll head home.  I only brought two small bottles of Tailwind and one Stinger waffle and it's getting warm.  I feel good.

Mile 12 I finally feel my quads are not 100% but overall I feel good.

Mile 17 with one mile to home.  I push gently...8:17.  I feel good.

18 miles in 2hrs35min. Hmm. I guess sometimes the road isn't as expected.

And a picture to finish out the post.  Sentry sitting on my lap by the pond.  We love New Mexico!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out of the Loop for a while

Summer has been intense....and laid back....and crazy all at the same time.  I only blogged (blooped) once.
So here's the wrap-up of summer:

Built a lake (a pond really, but it's quite big so we call it our lake).  My husband dug it by hand and we moved every rock by hand (SEVEN trucks full....great cross training). Approximately 2200 gallons.  It's home to 9 koi.  We purchased them all as babies and are excited to watch them grow.  There are two little ponds in the back right corner also and they all filter each other.  The two smaller ponds are home to one frog, numerous shubunkins, goldfish, and many water plants.

Built a dog sofa.  (We got a new leather sofa and didn't want the doggie to scratch it....he is allowed on all the other furniture (SPOILED ROTTEN) so we made him his own the same height as ours):
I think he likes it!

Taught two weeks of AMAZING violin camps at my house:
 week 1
week 2
On to the RUNNING:
In June, I ran  185 miles.
In July, I ran 215 miles.

In July, my hubby got injured...again. Plantar Fasciitis. So our summer of fun running together ended abruptly.  I was back to going solo.  Training, training, training in order to run a best time at the Mt Sneffels Half in Ouray, Colorado on August 11.  And I did.
1:40:12. 7th woman overall.  Won my age group.  It was a hard run and I really wanted to break 1:40 but as I saw the finish line, I had emptied myself and had no kick left.  What's 12 seconds?  I will crush 1:40 next time.

The night before the race, Sentry helped break the tension by looking gangsta in my brother's hat:
I love this dog........SOOOO much.

Big sale at my favorite shoe store...Brown's.  Bought my first pair of trail shoes in case of a trail run and to lifestyle also.  They're last year's winter model so they'll be warm-ish for winter running.  Scored them for $60!  Wahoo.

I will try to blog more but in the mean time, know that I am definitely out crazy.