Thursday, October 25, 2012

Training for cake

So, here I go. Marathon training cycle #3.  I've been at it for a few weeks now.  I picked the Hansons training program out of the new book by Luke Humphrey.  On paper, I thought "No problem."  Well, it's not no problem.  It'd dang hard.  The way the workouts are lined out is so different than the Brad Hudson program I used before (which was a totally successful program for me...I just wanted to try something totally different for fun).  I was looking for a change and boy did I get it.  I'm a trash-fest.  Just exhausted and fatigued like I should be I suppose.  I'm still hitting the paces that I need to though (even the easy runs have a pace range dictated that is completely appropriate for me).  My favorite thing about the program so far is that in week 3 you begin 6-mile tempo runs at marathon pace. Throughout the program they increase in distance up to 10 miles. It is really building my confidence this far out to be able to run AT marathon pace for miles at a time.  Loving it.

So, tonight, after the big Tempo run today, chocolate cake nearly as big as my it's not just the angle....the cake really is almost as big as the book.

Happy Training everyone!  And believe me, the cake makes it all worth it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Drivers,

First, I am not a zoo animal. I am a runner. No need to drive by at a snail's pace with your noses pressed against the windows. Just drive normally and get out of my way.
Second, if you drive a big-a** Dodge pickup that weighs more than any vehicle should and you have the giant mirror extensions, please take that into consideration when you drive past pedestrians as your mirror can hit us in the shoulder, or even worse our heads. This hasn't happened yet although my shirt sleeve has been grazed and that was enough to make me move to the inside of the sidewalk as far as I can every time one of these trucks drives by....which is every other car in Farmington!
Third, when driving on a gravel road I guess you don't know that when you accelerate you flip gravel all over the place and I am not wearing armor...enough said.
Fourth, honking is simply not necessary....EVER. Have you ever stood next to a car that is honking?  It's stupidly loud so that people inside their highly insulated cars with stereos blasting can hear it.  Believe me, I know that you are there in your car without you honking.
Fifth, when you are texting or chatting on the phone or simply being an unaware driver and you pull up at an intersection all the way so the sidewalk, approaches and everything is blocked by your giant car and then you notice me and get all flustered and try to apologize or scoot back or roll down your window for some odd reason (all while still just sitting there blocking EVERYTHING). Instead of wasting time, just get out of the way....I don't need an apology, I don't need sympathy...I just need you to move (especially when I am in the middle of a pace run...which you should be able to tell by the snarl on my face).
Lastly, if you don't like any of the above statements, get your giant butt out of your car and try going for a run.  It will change the way you handle yourself in a vehicle around pedestrians.
Thank you,